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Beginner Spinning Flow Self-Suspension

Suitable for beginners with no rope experience, 1h, 800ntd

活動詳情 Event Details

To ensure the safety of our students we limit the number of attendees to 4 people. But don't worry, we will host this class several times. You can sign up at any of the dates available, the content of the class will be the same. Instructions will be given in English. Designed for beginners: Our workshop is designed for individuals with no prior experience in rope tying. If you already have experience (you know how to tie uplines, singles column ties...) you can join one of our future workshops. 專為初學者設計:我們的工作坊是設計給在這之前完全沒有繩縛經驗的人。如果你已經有相關經驗,例如上吊點,單柱縛等,請靜候我們未來的工作坊~ Dress code recommendation: To ensure comfort and ease of movement during the workshop, we request participants to wear close-fitted clothes. Yoga pants are great for self-suspension as they will also protect your skin. 穿著建議:為保舒適與動作方便,我們希望參加者穿著合身衣物。瑜珈褲相當適合自縛吊,能夠保護肌膚 。 Duration and punctuality: The workshop will last for 1 hour. Please arrive 5 minutes early so that we can all start together on time. 活動時長與要求準時:工作坊總共60分鐘。請在活動開始前5分鐘抵達,以求準時開始。 Rope provision: We will provide ropes for the workshop. However, if you have your own ropes that are suitable for self-suspension, you are welcome to bring them along. 繩縛指導:我們會提供工作坊使用的麻繩。然而,你若有自己的適合自縛的繩子,也歡迎你攜帶參與。

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