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TSC 週二開放練習日 Open Practice Tuesdays

Join us to practice self-suspension, self-tying, yoga, TRX...

活動詳情 Event Details

【TSC 開放練習日 - 週二】 我們將舉辦一場開放練習場,讓參與我們工作坊的學員或是想在受控環境中嘗試新事物的人來實踐所學。此活動開放給所有想要練習自縛吊/自我縛繩、健身,或是純粹想來打發時間的人參加。即使你尚未與我們上過課,也歡迎你參加。請注意,這是自我練習的時間,並非教學課程。 【我們提供的設備】 我們備有吊點、麻繩、扣環、旋轉器、鏡子、一個TRX、一個空中舞綢(吊床)、瑜伽磚、倒立方塊以及一個舒適的天台!歡迎您攜帶自己的裝備參與。 Noir Fix 或 Yisi 將全程確保大家的安全。如需協助,您可以請他們協助您。若有任何問題或需要建議,請隨時向他們提問。 [TSC Open Practice Tuesdays] We are having an open practice event for people who want to come practice what they've learnt during our workshops, or experiment new things in a controlled environment. The space is open to anyone who wants to practice self-suspension/selftie, workout or simply hang out. You are welcome to join even if you have not taken classes with us, but remember that this is a self-practice time and not a class. [What We Offer] We have suspension points, ropes, carabiners, swivels, mirrors, one TRX, one aerial hammock, yoga blocks, handstand blocks and a chill rooftop! Feel free to bring you own equipment as well! Noir Fix or Yisi will be there the entire time to ensure the safety of everyone. You can ask them to spot you if needed. If you have any questions or need any advice, feel free to ask them.

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