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Cats Downstairs
Rope Salon


Get to Know Us




Our organization was founded in 2018 and has always been a space dedicated to practicing Shibari. The salon has gone through changes since 2021, moving from Ximen to Wanhua.


This year, after a lot of planning, development, and preparation, Cats Downstairs is moving to a new studio near the MRT-Yuanshan Station to create a multicultural, gender-friendly, and feminine-centered rope studio. The new studio will be decorated in a simple and cozy style, with many suspension points. Besides the large indoor space, Catdownstairs is also equipped with a spacious rooftop where you can feel the breeze or play with cats living nearby.

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The Suspended Canvas

Get to Know Us

Welcome to The Suspended Canvas, an organization created by Noir Fix and Yisi.


We host a variety of events, including figure-drawing sessions, self-suspension workshops, open practice salons, and performances. Our events revolve around themes such as rope, self-suspension, and aerial arts.


What are the different kinds of events we organize?

​Rope bondage could be so much more, thus The Suspended Canvas was born.



  • Figure Drawing: We strive to make our figure drawing events as unique as possible by hiring models with various skills, such as aerialists, dancers, and self-suspenders. Our figure drawing sessions are perfect for artists who want to challenge themselves and try something new.

  • Self-Suspension Classes: Every week, Yisi shares a new self-suspension shape/flow. Students who are interested in learning it can join a 90-min class at our studio in Datong, Taipei. To attend this class, students need to have completed the 2 foundation classes or demonstrate that they have enough rope experience.

  • "Aesthetic" Self-Tying: Occasionally, we offer self-tying classes to learn how to tie decorative harnesses. There is no suspension in this class; the goal is to be creative and create beautiful ties!

  • Self-Tying Rope Jam: Every month, we organize a 4-hour rope jam. Self-tying and especially self-suspension are risky practices, and we want our students to safely practice what they've learned in class. Self-suspenders of all levels are welcome, but in case there are too many people, we will prioritize entry for our students. This event is NOT for people to practice tying each other; if you are looking for a rope jam to practice traditional Shibari, you can attend Cats Downstairs.

  • Performances: Occasionally, we organize rope performances in collaboration with other organizations. Performances can last from 5 min to 45 min. Feel free to contact us if you would like to know more about it.

How do we compensate for our figure models?

  • As someone who has worked as a life model for several years, I (Yisi) understand the immense effort that goes into posing. Both Noir Fix and I have also participated in various events as performers. This collective experience led us to establish The Suspended Canvas with a primary goal: to offer equitable compensation to those collaborating with us. In Taipei, a typical 2-hour life drawing assignment yields approximately 1500 NTD. However, we made the deliberate choice to provide our models and performers with 40% of the event's profits, ensuring that they receive a minimum of 1500 NTD.

Our Team

Meet our team, comprised of three unique individuals,

each united by a profound passion for the art of rope in its diverse manifestations.

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