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Donation Wishlist

Dear friends of Cats Downstairs,

Thank you for your support of the Rope Salon over the years. This year, we've made a significant decision to lease a new studio, aiming to create a comfortable space for our fellow rope enthusiasts to practice shibari and host related events. As most of our funds have been invested in renovating the space, we still need some essential equipment to further improve the quality of the environment. If any of you have unused equipment at home (please refer to the list below) and are willing to help us, we would be truly grateful.


Please provide information about the unused equipment through the social media channels of Cats Downstairs Rope Salon:




Our staff will contact you to evaluate the functionality, items, and suitability of the unused equipment for the new salon decor. Unfortunately, if the items cannot be utilized, we regretfully will not accept them, and we cannot assist in disposing of them.

For usable unused equipment, welcome to bring them to the grand opening reception at the new Cats Downstairs Rope Salon.


Thank you for your love and being eco-friendly :D

We currently need the following supplies

[Space Equipment]

  • Robotic Vacuum Cleaner x1

  • Vacuum Cleaner x1

  • Fan x1-2

  • Aroma Diffuser x1

  • Dehumidifier x1

  • Projector x1: For playing audiovisual content and online rope classes

[Kitchen Appliances]

  • Electric Kettle x1

  • Drip Coffee Tool Set

  • Coffee Machine x1 (got

  • Air Fryer x1 (got

  • Cookware welcome for our Portable Gas Stove


  • All kinds of cushions / floorchair etc.

  • Shelving Unit x1-2

  • Sofa x1-2

  • Coffee Table x1-2

  • Dividers x1-2

  • Floor Lamps x1-2

  • Storage Lockers x1-3: For attendees to securely store personal belongings

Your generous contributions will not only bring a higher quality environment for everyone who uses our space but also help promote our vision of rope bondage.

Once again, thank you for your support!

Cats Downstairs Rope Salon


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