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5月25日 週六



貓樓上出外景!珍奇玉獸市集派對 -繩縛體驗-


貓樓上出外景!珍奇玉獸市集派對 -繩縛體驗-
貓樓上出外景!珍奇玉獸市集派對 -繩縛體驗-

Time & Location 時間 & 地點

2024年5月25日 下午1:00 – 2024年5月26日 下午8:00

玉成隔壁, 南港區玉成街25巷2號






Catdownstairs Rope Salon goes Outdoor! We will join forces with the lovely queer creatures as a group of skilled rope artists in the Queer Creatures Fair/Party filled with talented people.

Nectar aimed at providing a safe, expressive space for femmes, non-binary queers, transgender individuals, and artists. All forms of creation are welcome at the fair / party, whether it's artworks, handicrafts, curated items, or bold, unconventional clothing. DJs will be on site during the market, and the deck will be open for women and queer folks to relax, listen to music, and sway their bodies.

Catdownstairs Rope Salon will have a small shibari experience booth at the fair. Experience the sensual and mesmerizing artistry of this rare skill through your senses and spirit. As you lose yourself in the music and movement, take a moment to visit our booth. Purchase your tickets now! Use the discount code CATSROPEMEOW at checkout for a special offer. Fill in your email to ensure you receive your order number!


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