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7月05日 週五


貓樓上 Cats Downstairs

Yada 地面繩縛團體工作坊 Floorplay Group Workshop / 每組學員 1800NT per pair

適合所有程度、繩子數量不限(三條以上皆可) for All levels, minimum three ropes.

Yada 地面繩縛團體工作坊  Floorplay Group Workshop / 每組學員 1800NT per pair
Yada 地面繩縛團體工作坊  Floorplay Group Workshop / 每組學員 1800NT per pair

Time & Location 時間 & 地點

2024年7月05日 下午7:00 – 下午11:00

貓樓上 Cats Downstairs, Section 3, Chengde Rd, Datong District, Taipei City, Taiwan 103


For English please scroll down.

  • 地面繩縛 團體工作坊

7/5 週五 晚上 19:00-23:00 / 4小時




  • 講師介紹

Yada Keawburee / Yada.kinbaku 是一位來自泰國,曼谷的緊縛、性教育、及禁羈教育工作者,師從吉田よい(歌舞伎町SM酒吧「初心-UBU-」、「密蜜-mitsu-」經營者)。



  • Floorplay Group Workshop

7/5 FRI 19:00-23:00 / 4hours

Rigger, model can switch

Price: 1800NT / pair

This workshop will focus on making tying transitions on the floor seamless and fluid. We will provide a step-by-step breakdown of floor transitions and sequences. This is suitable for all levels; if you are a beginner, be sure to check your single column tie beforehand.

  • Instructor Info

Yada Keawburee aka.Yada.kinbaku Student of Yoi Yoshida. Shibari Artist & Sexual/Kink Education based in Bangkok, Thailand.

Yada began exploring Japanese rope bondage in 2015 and opened her own workshop under the name "Yada Kinbaku" to teach techniques in late 2018. 

Yada's teaching is based on her teacher in Japan, Yoi Yoshida, and is slightly customized to suit each person.

Yada believes that rope bondage is not just about tying someone up, but it's also a way to communicate with a person through rope without saying any words, allowing oneself to sink deep into vulnerability. 

Yada believes that it's important for everyone to stay in touch with themselves and to confront any trauma they may have. By delving into the deepest parts of oneself, healing and feeling better become possible.

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