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條款與條件 Terms and Conditions

貓樓上。繩語沙龍 - 活動參與同意書


  1. 報名與出席: 每位參與者必須填寫自己的報名表。只有確認報名的個人才能獲准進入。出席人數有限,一旦達到容量上限,報名表將關閉。

  2. 活動參與: 參與者必須尊重所有人的性別認同、性取向和個人界限。在進行任何活動之前,必須獲得知情同意。未經所有相關方明確同意,嚴禁攝影 ( 拍照錄影 ) 。

  3. 場地規則: 保持環境清潔,正確處理垃圾。負責任地和小心地使用提供的吊縛設備。在繩縛進行期間,保持最低程度干擾 (安靜) 以尊重繩縛中的人的專注。未經事先同意,不得中斷或加入繩縛過程。

  4. 安全措施: 隨時優先考慮自己和他人的安全。遵循活動主辦提供的任何安全說明。若有任何安全問題請及時向活動工作人員回報。建議您攜帶自己的安全剪刀與扣環。

  5. 活動禮儀: 準時到達,不要將飲料放在地板上不理不睬 ( 任何人都可能忘記它的存在而打翻 )。避免參與可能干擾其他人體驗的破壞性行為。隨時尊重活動空間和其他參與者。

  6. 入場費和付款: 入場費必須按照指定的價格選項支付。未出現者將不予退款,除非事先與我們知會並達成退款共識。

  7. 免責聲明: 我們努力為所有參與者打造一個安全愉快的環境。然而,請謹記您參與這些活動需自行承擔風險。在互動、自縛吊過程中,請坦誠溝通您的身體狀況,並評估彼此的能力局限。貓樓上。繩語沙龍及其工作人員無法對活動期間或在場地內發生的任何傷害或意外負責。您的安全是我們的重中之重,但最終還是取決於您自己的負責任行為和決定。

  8. 其他事項: 參與者需對設備或財產造成的任何損壞負責。如果參與者違反這些政策。主辦保留拒絕入場或將此人從活動中移除的權利。


參加貓樓上。繩語沙龍活動,即表示您認知且同意 - 不遵守這些政策可能導致您被移出場地,並可能被排除在未來的活動之外。感謝您的合作,為所有參與者創造安全和愉快的環境。

Cats Downstairs Rope Salon Policy Agreement

By attending any Cats Downstairs Rope Salon event, you agree to adhere to the following policies and guidelines:

  1. Registration and Attendance: Each attendee must complete their own registration form. Only individuals with a confirmed registration will be granted entry. Attendance capacity is limited, and registration will close once capacity is reached.

  2. Event Participation: Participants must respect all individuals' gender identities, sexual orientations, and personal boundaries. Informed consent must be obtained before engaging in any activities. Photography and video recording are strictly prohibited without explicit consent from all involved parties.

  3. Venue Rules: Maintain a clean environment by disposing of trash properly. Use provided suspension equipment responsibly and with care. Keep noise levels to a minimum to respect the concentration of others during shibari sessions. Refrain from interrupting or joining tying sessions without prior agreement.

  4. Safety Measures: Prioritize safety at all times, both for yourself and others. Follow any safety instructions provided by event organizers. Report any safety concerns to event staff promptly. We advise you to bring your own safety shears and carabiners.

  5. Event Etiquette: Arrive on time and refrain from leaving drinks unattended on the floor (anyone may forget about their existence and spill it). Refrain from engaging in disruptive behavior that may disturb others' experiences. Be respectful of the event space and fellow participants at all times.

  6. Entrance Fee and Payments: Entry fees must be paid according to the specified pricing options. No refunds will be provided for no-shows unless prior arrangements have been made.

  7. Disclaimer: We strive to create a safe and enjoyable environment for all participants. However, it's crucial to understand that you are engaging in these activities at your own risk. During interactions, self-tying, or self-suspensions, please communicate openly about your physical condition and assess each other's abilities and limitations. Cats Downstairs Rope Salon, its organizers, and staff cannot be held responsible for any injuries or accidents that may occur during the event or at our venue. Your safety is our priority, but it ultimately depends on your own responsible actions and decisions.

  8. Miscellaneous: Participants are responsible for any damage caused to equipment or property. Organizers reserve the right to refuse entry or remove individuals from the event for non-compliance with these policies.


By attending Cats Downstairs Rope Salon events, you acknowledge that failure to comply with these policies may result in your removal from the premises and possible exclusion from future events. Thank you for cooperating to create a safe and enjoyable environment for all attendees.

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