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Yada Kinbaku

Yada Keawburee / Yada.kinbaku 是一位來自泰國,曼谷的緊縛、性教育、及禁羈教育工作者,師從吉田よい Yoi Yoshida (吉田よい Yoi Yoshida紫護縄びんご Shigonawa Bingo 為歌舞伎町SM酒吧「初心-UBU-」、「密蜜-mitsu-」共同經營者, 並一同主理 大縄あそび Onawa Asobi .)

"接著是Yada...從來沒有看過現場演出展現這種女性的狂野、慾望、征服、愛憐於一身,全在舞台上閃耀,沒有多餘的東西,Yada完全專注在繩模上,完全的控制、運用繩子輕鬆操縱身體何去何從。尤其不論繩模做到了什麼,Yada對繩模的回應是滿滿的肯定。這讓我感動到, 表演中途落淚、結束時甚至哭到不能自己。"


Yada將在7/2抵台。目前我們安排的有 2 場團體工作坊,還有 3 場活動。請把握機會一探這個驚艷四座的泰國繩師吧!


Cats Downstairs Presents:

Yada Kinbaku's Debut in Taiwan

Yada Keawburee aka. Yada.kinbaku, Shibari Artist & Sexual/Kink Education based in Bangkok, Thailand. Yada is a student of  Yoi Yoshida (Yoi Yoshida is a co-owner of SM bars 初心-UBU- and 密蜜-mitsu- alongside Shigonawa Bingo; also running Onawa Asobi together).


"And then Yada,... I've never seen live someone showing female wildness, desire, domination and care so much all together on stage, nothing extra, so focused on the rope model, so much control of the body manipulation just with rope handling,
and her responses in affirmation for whatever, however the rope model has achieved… I cried of course, during and after."

Noir_fix and Hanzi  from Cats Downstairs had the chance to see a performance in Kuala Lumpur this March,... we got spelled from Yada's magic, and we wanna bring this epiphany to Taiwan! Above was Noir_fix's thoughts after the show; it's hard to describe, we hope you can see it with your own eyes!

Yada is arriving in Taiwan at July 2nd, and Cats Downstairs have arranged 2 group workshops and 3 events. Seize your chance to check out this striking force from Thailand!

I had a floorplay session, and i cried from her ropes. It's not from the pain, but feeling touched, and feeling good. From the moment she tapped on my back, I already knew she's got something special.

Shin_ from SH



Yada began exploring Japanese rope bondage in 2015 and opened her own workshop under the name "Yada Kinbaku" to teach techniques in late 2018. 


Yada's teaching is based on her teacher in Japan, Yoi Yoshida, and is slightly customized to suit each person.

Yada believes that rope bondage is not just about tying someone up, but it's also a way to communicate with a person through rope without saying any words, allowing oneself to sink deep into vulnerability. 

Yada believes that it's important for everyone to stay in touch with themselves and to confront any trauma they may have. By delving into the deepest parts of oneself, healing and feeling better become possible.

Cocktail in Bar

繩縛不羈夜 Shibari Tuesday Night
@ Commander D
週二晚上 21:00-24:00
(免報名 no registration needed)

繩縛不羈夜 @ 地下司令

Commander D 開封街

當日駐場繩手 Yada Kinbaku

迎給予 Yada 小費;


Shibari Night at Commander D. kaifeng str.

Yada will be the rigger of the night. Minimum order 1 drink.

Register at the bar to get tied.

You're more than welcomed to tip Yada. Cats Downstairs only promotes, not organizing.


Floorplay Group Workshop
週五 FRI 晚上 19:00-23:00

縛/受縛可互換 Rigger, model can switch
價格:一組1800NT / pair


This workshop will focus on making tying transitions on the floor seamless and fluid. We will provide a step-by-step breakdown of floor transitions and sequences. This is suitable for all levels; if you are a beginner, be sure to check your single column tie beforehand.

螢幕擷取畫面 2024-05-13 184444.png

Shibari Performance 
7/7 週日SUN 下午 13:00-16:00

門票為1200NT/人 1200NT/p



Wildness, desire, domination and care so much all together on stage, nothing extra, so focused on the rope model, so much control of the body manipulation just with rope handling.

Come join for an unforgetable Sunday afternoon!

螢幕擷取畫面 2024-05-13 184444.png

[額滿 Fully Booked]
Predicaments Rope Play
Group Workshop

週六SAT 下午 13:00-17:30

涵蓋地面繩縛與吊縛。 Incl. Floor & Suspension
縛/受縛可互換 Rigger, model can switch
價格:一組2600NT / pair

通往天堂與地獄的大門 - 沉浸在繩縛調教最棒也最惡劣的地方吧!本工作坊將引導學員探索肢體的各種角度、可能性跟安全,並建立兩難。工作坊將涵蓋地面繩縛與吊縛。

The gateway to experiencing both the best and the worst in a session. This class will focus on exploring the possibilities of the body while prioritizing safety. We will begin from the floor and progress to suspension.


Cats Downstairs Rope Salon
週日SUN 晚上 17:30-21:30

貓樓上。繩語沙龍,客座繩手 Yada Kinbaku

沙龍入場費用不變。繩縛體驗可親自詢問,歡迎給予 Yada 小費。


Yada Kinbaku will be our guest rigger.

Entrance for the rope salon is the same, ask Yada if you want to get tied. You're welcomed to tip her.

07 The semenawa.jpg

責繩 團體工作坊
Semenawa Group Workshop
週四 Thur 晚上 19:00-23:00 

縛/受縛可互換 Rigger, model can switch
價格:一組2600NT / pair


 Yada Semenawa embodies the essence of "stillness" - the sensation of abandonment, the beauty of letting go, minimalism, and finding balance and peace amidst chaos. We will transition from floor work to suspension, combining elements of both brutality and gentleness.


Furthermore, you can book Yada's time for a private class or a private session. Just ask us!

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